Host Fridge

It's great that you are considering hosting a fridge. The amount of food that gets thrown out daily globally is shamefully huge. At the same time, we have people in our communities that go hungry. It doesn't take much on our part to help our own community. Be part of the movement, lets make the change together for our communities.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to check if you have any regulations / restrictions from the government. If so you need to find out the process and then get officially registered / recognized. We are ready to adjust our mapping app to support as needed. Once this is sorted, please communicate with us and we will help get you setup.

Step 2

Get the necessary permission from the building / housing community, if it is needed.

Step 3

Get a fridge. If your local community has a group on Facebook they might be able to source one for you. Alternatively you can buy your own. When getting a fridge, please check with the manufacture, that it can work outdoors. Additionally find a shaded spot or have a shade built for it.

Step 4

As the says goes, “It takes a village.” The fridge is your baby, but you will need the community to help keep it stocked. A fridge that stays empty helps no one. If there already is a fridge on your street / area. Consider supporting that fridge, rather than setting up your own. Once you have a support system setup, its time to plug it in and get going

Step 5

Stocking the fridge. Be careful about what you put in the fridge. Make sure you fill with approved items and do not violate the local safety regulations. (No raw meats, no partially eaten food, proper containers, nothing past its expiration date, etc.)

Step 6

Keep your fridge healthy. Keep a schedule to clean it, service it on time.