About Us

With huge amounts of food wastage globally and so many needy; it was only a matter of time before people teamed up and found a solution. Many communities around the world have gotten together and setup shared fridges / shelves. We wanted to contribute to such wonderful initiatives; saw a gap that a bit of technology could help fill. Simply put, we provide an easy to use mapping platform.

Community Fridge - Global Database of Sharing; our mobile application and website is an easy mapping platform, which helps individuals to locate nearby locations. The app provides a number of smart options to not only locate nearby fridges but also see their status.


How Does it Work

Download and install the mobile app and you can instantly see location pins. Create an account or use your Facebook login, and then you can add and maintain your fridges.


How Can You Use It

Simply create an account and add a fridge. However, some areas / countries have restrictions. If you are part of an organization or group of volunteers, just drop us an email or give us a call, we will setup the system for you to use.


What If…

Fridges, food quality, fridge status and such are the responsibility of the organization and /or the individual who owns the fridge. We simply provide a mapping platform and have to no direct involvement in the operation of the fridges.