Privacy Policy

Community Fridge - Global Data Base Of Sharing is a social application related to food sharing.

The Community Fridge application is developed and published by SYNERGISTICS FZ LLC.

SYNERGISTICS FZ LLC cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content and information provided on this application.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure high standards and quality for the content and information provided within this application, SYNERGISTICS cannot be held responsible for any personal loss, damage or crisis sustained as a result of using this application.

Fridge, Water Cooler & Shelf location data will retrieve from database updated by people/ users. Which shows data of limited radius.

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION No collection of personal information that you type. The app "Community Fridge" does not collect any personal information or upload any such information to any server. Crash logs are handled automatically by Apple /Google and are sent to the developer. These crash logs are not personally identifiable and are used solely for maintenance, bug fixing and improvements.

DATA STORAGE The data are stored on your device locally.


When you install Community Fridge app and you are requested to turn on "Allow Full Access" for Community Fridge to work as intended.

This access is needed ONLY to allow camera, gallery & location .No sensitive information is tracked or transmitted.

None of your interaction with the Community Fridge app is analyzed or measured in any way for data collection purposes.